About Us

We are two Silicon Valley entrepreneurs with typically overscheduled and busy lives. And, we have always been big fans of plain water. Pure, natural, no gimmicks… we live active lifestyles, but knew that (alas!) drinking like our favorite sports figures wouldn’t actually make us perform more like them. However, we started to discover that plain water wasn’t always what we needed. We weren’t recovering quickly from modest workouts. Long days of travel were too draining. Headaches would set in after full days in meetings (maybe it was just the meetings…). But we were loyal water drinkers- we couldn’t possibly be routinely dehydrated.

Then, on one particularly hot afternoon, we decided we needed something more. After going to literally 10 pharmacies and asking for a product to help with dehydration, the only advice we heard was “avoid sports drinks, too much sugar” and “try a children’s electrolyte replacement beverage”. Being parents, we knew about that option- but we weren’t toddlers, and we weren’t nauseous and vomiting. We wanted something that could help us return to our active lives that didn’t involve caffeine or other stimulants we couldn’t pronounce. Then, a physician described to us how one organization- the World Health Organization, had medically mastered an electrolyte formula to optimize and speed recovery from dehydration.

Well, we tried it. Though the taste left something to be desired, the effectiveness was unlike anything we had ever experienced. We started tinkering with the flavor- to make something we enjoyed drinking and that didn’t compromise effectiveness. Hence, H2ORS was born.

We have been drinking it ever since- after workouts, during travel, after long days at conferences, and yes even in those rare instances when we were nauseous, it helped us more than any other product we had ever tried.  Our kids ask to drink it. Doctors now recommend it, and so do we.