About The Product

Not All Hydration is Equal

Fluid and electrolytes reverse dehydration.  However, most people self-treat with sports drinks or pediatric electrolytes, not realizing that those products are typically short on electrolytes and high in sugar.  Not only do they fail to restore adequate electrolyte levels, they can actually worsen a dehydrated state.



was created by the

WHO to treat



Oral Rehydration Solution (ORS) was developed over 30 years ago by the World Health Organization (WHO) to quickly and effectively reverse dehydration. Its remarkable effectiveness is why it continues to be used today, in lieu of sports drinks and even IV therapy, to save millions of lives every year.







The WHO has published 6 key criteria for the constitution of an ORS, and H2ORS is the only commercially available product that meets and improves upon all 6 criteria with a flavor that fits seamlessly in the consumer market.






Why Hydration Matters

pyramid.pngWater makes up 50 – 65% of your entire body mass when it is healthy. Disease, stress, and environmental factors quickly reduce the amount of fluids you retain – leading to dehydration.



Electrolytes regulate body functions and put simply, allow us to live. We cannot survive without water AND electrolytes. Sodium, Potassium, and Chloride, are three of the most critical electrolytes used by our bodies.


Maintaining the correct amount of fluids and electrolytes helps optimize our bodies for health and recovery from illness, exertion, or stress.

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